We live to love, we act to reflect that love …

We are privileged to have a variety of expressions of Gods Heart reflected through the ministries that have found a home and base here at YWAM Hurlach. We are passionate about and love seeing people impacted, through our lives and ministry teams. Whether its here in our local, regional or international communities, we long to see healing, transformation in each of these places. We have many ministries listed below, come and join one of them and us in sharing His love through the passion and gifts that you have, and if you cant find one you can join us anyways, Just come and let’s create it together.

Café@home is a project of Youth with a Mission in the Hurlach castle. It is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend, a place to hang out and have fellowship with one another.

The Café also serves as a platform for young people to show their creative side and for that reason there will be small exhibits or concerts held here.

This is not a professionally run cafe . We are here to serve students, staff, friends and their guests and ask for a small donations to cover the costs of our special coffee creations.

Every day we are confronted with many needs in this world. An earthquake in a foreign country or the beggar infront of our house. We see shocking pictures in the newspapers…and turn the page to more entertaining news.
We walk around with bracelet WWJD (What would Jesus do?),but is this just a well-known slogan for us? Do we really ask: “What would Jesus do when he sees the poor and needy in this world?”
Do we ask ourselves:

“What can we do?” With Love @Work we want to respond to this question.

Love@Work is a new mercy ministry of Youth with a Mission in Hurlach. HOW? We want to respond to the needs of people in Germany and all over the world by practically helping them (through outreaches in other countries, integration of refugees in Germany, etc.) and by training others to do this.

WHAT? We are building a network of helpers who are willing to…

PRAY- For our projects and for the poor and needy in Germany and the whole world  GO- Into the disaster areas, to the refugee camps, to the widows, orphans and foreigners – in Germany and worldwide      

GIVE- Financial or material support for our projects

Purpose Statement: To meet practical, relational and spiritual needs of the poor and needy in Germany and the nations.

Mission Statement: To be a network of people who demonstrate the love of God through acts of mercy.

Vision Statement:

  • Organizing short term outreaches in Germany and other countries to meet specific needs
  • Connecting foreigners (refugees, migrants etc.) with Christian individuals, families or communities to support them in their integration into the German society and culture.
  • Training and equipping others to serve the poor, the needy and the foreigners in the best possible way.


  • Out of a living relationship with Jesus Christ we want to serve the poor, needy and foreigners.
  • Through meeting practical needs we want to bring hope in the lives of people.
  • As staff members we want to meet people in openness, willingness, transparency and integrity.

The Operational Ministries and the “Synergy”-Team are, for example, taking care of

Synergy means “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.” This is what we are striving for. By having a bigger team, we can support each other in our ministry.

The areas in Synergy are:

Besides Synergy there are the following Operational Ministries:

Main themes of our ministry in Ethiopia:

  • training of the local leaders
  • ministries to widows
    orphans and street kids
  • discipleship training school in Addis Abeba.

Youth With A Mission helps…

… by providing care for widows and orphans
… by supporting street kids
… by caring for the refugees from Somalia and Eritrea
… by translating christian literature
… by training spiritual leaders
… by supporting local evangelists financially

Bernd Frost, YWAM Hurlach
Schlossgasse 1
86857 Hurlach, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)8248 – 1822

Right From The Beginning

Getting to know God – RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING

A Christian program for introducing babies and toddlers to daily life with God

The book which explains this program is being translated into English.

The Russian and the Bulgarian translations are already available.

We are working on the Romanian translation as well.

If you are interested in getting more information contact

If you read German visit our web-site the “VAA-Information / deutsch” about seminars, our book and other material.

“Right from the beginning …”

a program for little children (babies and toddlers)

This program is directed to little children of about 1/2 year to 4 years old and communicates to them that God loves them, that he has made them beautiful and
that he is the creator of all the world around us which the children are about to discover.

We want the children to get to know God as a loving father who cares for them and listens to them.

We use a lot of visual aids and many songs. On our German home-page you can have a look at the pictures

We have developped this program in the eighties and published a book (with songs on a CD) in German language (

Right now we are translating the most important parts of this book and songs into Romanian.

For more than 15 years I have been working with this program (regular local mother-toddler-group) and have given many workshops
(in Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria).

View pictures

Doris Braun
– YWAM / JMEM Hurlach –

Carol and David Boyd about this program

Recently, we reviewed a developmental program entitled “The First Years Last Forever.” This title conveys the importance of those first moments, months and years in a child’s life. The most significant impartation they can be given is to be able to be secure and trust the love of their parents and God, our Father.

Science now shows us how critical those early months of stimulation and relationship are to the healthy physical and emotional development of our children. Our creator has always known this and designed the family to be the conveyors of this foundation for life.

Conscience, values, caring are imparted in the life of the family as the parents allow their own lives to be oriented by the ways of God.

As parents, missionaries and teachers we recommend this book for it’s contribution to demonstrating, hands on understanding of the ways of God, a healthy picture of themselves and an interest and understanding of the world around them.

In recommending this book, we do so on the basis of personal experience. As parents we have experienced the developmental years of our four children and attempted to do that according to what we understood as biblical patterns. We have not only proven these biblical concepts and principles in Germany but in numerous cultures, we can say with confidence that they actually work. God’s word is just as effective and dependable in the life of a child as it is for the adult. The greatest encouragement you can give your child for life has little to do with material security but the confidence that God is good and is his Father.

Relating daily life to God

according to Deuteronomy 6,5-7

1. Speak about God “when you get up”.

  • Sing a good-morning song when the baby wakes up.

2. Speak about God “when you sit in your house”.

  • Sing a song of thanksgiving before you nurse or feed the baby.
  • In front of the mirror
  • When you change diapers
  • When you bathe the child
  • When you have the child in your arms
  • Celebrating the birthday

3. Speak about God “when you are on your way”

  • Take time to consciously discover the wold with your child. Then we can point out and sing songs that God created all of this for us because he loves us.

4. Speak about God “when you lie down”

  • When you bring the child to bed

Kathrin Chmell

Aruna Kodamanchili

Doris Braun

Rolf-Dieter Braun

Maren Hoxha


YWAM Hurlach
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Russia / Россия

You can order the Russian translation of the book about the program “Getting to know God Right from the beginning” 
from Evgeniy Voronin in Klintsy. 

His address:
Евгений Воронин
Россия,243146 Бранський регион, город Клинтсу, улица Мира 110 

Evgeniy Voronin 
address: Russia, 243146, Bryansk region, city of Klintsy, Mira Street 110

Welcome to YWAM Family Ministries!

Many YWAMers all over Europe are dedicated to minister to families. Through seminars, courses, workshops, camps and other initiatives, couples and families are being strengthened and equipped in their marriages and family life.

We are convinced: Strong families make strong disciples. Strong families will have a positive impact in church and society. Family Ministries is one of the keys to reaching a nation for Christ.

Family Ministries Hurlach

The Family Ministries Team of our Hurlach YWAM base started again in 2010.

Every year in the week before valentine`s day there is the international Marriage Week (7.-14. Feb.) We are part of the planning and organizing team and host a candle-light-dinner in our beautiful castle.

In 2011 we organized the first Family Inspiration Day in Hurlach. 70 guests attended this family event in the garden behind the castle. The topic of the day was: “Strong families are thankful and encourage one another!” (Read more about the ideas of the Family Inspiration Day)

More than 30 years of Women’s ministry in the castle

Meetings for women have been taking place since 1980. For 10 years evangelical gatherings happened on a monthly basis. We have been offering Seminars twice a year since 1990 and about 100 woman attend them. A speaker is invited to teach on a certain topic (f.i. “Joyfully being woman”, “Called to freedom”, “Coping with disappointment and conflict”,”Woman after the will of God”, “Fatherheart of God”, “My dignity as daughter of God” and many more). These daily seminars are very popular and include worship, teachings, prayer and blessings as well as wonderful fellowship while enjoying meals, coffee & cake.

It is the aim of the ministry to assist women to grow in their Christian faith, to be healed and become free from past hurts. That of course has implications on their husbands, their children, families, friends and even the society. We warmly invite all women, who want to go deeper in their faith. Marie-Luise Frost – one of our longterm staff members – organises and leads this ministry together with a team.

Womens’ Seminar
Content and Program

The Womens’ Seminar is run twice a year in Hurlach. The seminar is held for one day starting around 9.00 am until 5.00 pm. Two teachings are held from the guest speaker. The Seminar always has extensive worship times, prayer, blessings and wonderful fellowship with good food, coffee and cake. Some of the subjects were:

  • Building relationships
  • A woman after God’s heart
  • Knowing the fatherheart of God
  • Crisis as chances
  • A fullfilled life


For information about our magazine: 


Evangelistic literature by YWAM

Werner Harke, single, born 1939 in Braunschweig, Germany, Diplom-Psychologe, staff with YWAM since 1981. He works with TPI and produces flyers and books about God and the meaning of life.

Most tracts and books are only available in German. For more information on English literature please contact Werner Harke.

Ordering address:

TPI, YWAM Hurlach
Schlossgasse 1
86857 Hurlach, Germany

Phon +49 (0) 8248 122 25
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