Being salt and light in this world... how does that work? The SBCW (School of Biblical Christian Worldview) offers its participants the opportunity to see the world around them through God's eyes and through that to understand better how to be a living testimony for Jesus Christ in one's work and church.

Welcome to SBCW, in YWAM Hurlach castle!

SBCW is a University of the Nations 12 weeks course offered on YWAM Hurlach campus. It prepares students to take actions for better society and Kingdom of God by understanding more about our current today society through finding answers to some fundamental and societal questions like:

  • Where do I come from?
  • Why do I exist?
  • Why our world is facing all today crises?
  • What solutions for those crises?

To these and more, the SBCW helps in confronting worldview through lectures and after class activities where students are trained to reinterpret contemporary media contents through reinterpretation process. At the end of the school students should be able to:

  • Discern what is acceptable on Biblical morals and ethics
  • Analyse various worldviews and presuppositional thinking
  • Appreciate and apply science through its complexity and understand the cosmos better
  • Write a seminar paper applying the various principles thought through the course

SBCW Hurlach course completion grants you University of the Nations 12 credits for your degree with the university.

Which topics this course covers?

During the 12 weeks, we will cover topics like:

  • Biblical foundation of Worldview
  • Christian Education and cause of Poverty
  • Ontology
  • Eastern Thinking & Western Philosophy
  • Worldview comparison & Post Modernism
  • Science in the Context of Mission
  • Science & Faith
  • Postmodernism
  • Environment Science
  • etc.

Our speakers come from close areas and far away, qualified in their areas of studies and ministry with some high level professional teachers.

The next school

Date: 5th April – 25th June 2020

Registration fee: 50€   (non-refundable)

Course fee: 2200€

Course language: English

We are waiting with eagerness to meet and know you during this coming amazing worldviews exploration adventure.

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Frank Bauer

Frank's DTS was in 1989, and in 1995 he finished his studies with the UofN with a B.A. in Christian Ministries. His SBCW was in 1995 in Wiler. Frank is part of the leadership team of YWAM Germany.


Samuel Stephen

Samuel is from Nigeria and currently works as staff in SBCW and SDC. He is working on humanitarian projects among women and children displaced by terrorism from Northern Nigeria, providing help and relief to them in education and healthcare.

In communication, he teaches on Web development in SDC and using the Web as a tool in God's Kingdom


Fogan Aholou

Fogan is from Togo. He did his DTS in 2000 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and served in several West African as YWAMer as well as in attended some other UofN courses before joining YWAM Hurlach in 2015. He joined Hurlach Worldview department after attending his SBCW in 2016 in Wiler, Switzerland.



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