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Jan 12 2020 - Jun 25 2020


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Nations to Nations DTS


In a process called globalisation, the world is said to be gradually becoming a global
village. People are now more connected than ever before due to quick travel, access to
internet, cable TV, and various communication methods. With diversity comes the
challenge of different cultures and nationalities living side by side together in many
places. This comes with its tensions as we learn to adapt to each others norms and
values. It challenges the norms of security and harmony. Nations need to grow in
understanding the beauty that comes with diversity, grow in appreciating the gifts God
has given to each nation, and learn to appreciate diverse cultures through God’s eyes.
Having God’s perspective on this helps us have graceful hearts towards people different
from ourselves and to harness the potential that each individual brings.

In the Nations 2 Nations DTS we focus on hearing God’s heart for individual nations,
understanding His will and purpose for them, and thus calling them into God’s purposes
for their nation. Are you interested in seeing nations released into their calling and
destiny? Then this DTS is for you. Come and grasp God’s dream for nations, come and
be a blessing to the nations.

We will be spending three months in a classroom phase where we focus on hearing God
and understanding His character and nature, understanding his heart for discipleship and
nations, and allowing Him to work in our hearts. After the lecture phase we will go on a 3
month mission trip overseas to work alongside local mission organisations and churches,
serving in any possible way.

The three foundational bricks of the N2N are:

Should be grounded in the image of the creator God. No individual, people group, culture,
or nation can come to peace with itself until they have met their creator. God has created
all of us uniquely. In the very identity of humanity is the fact that we are created in the
image of a loving God, and this is where we always need to begin our journey of
existence, and the journey of embracing our large and diverse family.

Restoring our dignity does not just strengthen our purpose and our relationships, it also
nurtures the championing of one another to see God’s best in each one of us. Diversity
and unity is only possible when we see each other through the Creator’s eyes.

Is where we head in life. It’s not just about having any destiny but one that truly is worthy
and right. God destined us all to be with Him; here on earth we get to practice what we
will be in eternity, one kingdom made of many nations, peoples, and languages.
Restoration is our destiny until we meet Him face to face. We are each other’s inheritance.