Women's ministries

More than 30 years of Women's ministry in the castle

Meetings for women have been taking place since 1980. For 10 years evangelical gatherings happened on a monthly basis. We have been offering Seminars twice a year since 1990 and about 100 woman attend them. A speaker is invited to teach on a certain topic (f.i. "Joyfully being woman", "Called to freedom", "Coping with disappointment and conflict","Woman after the will of God", "Fatherheart of God", "My dignity as daughter of God" and many more). These daily seminars are very popular and include worship, teachings, prayer and blessings as well as wonderful fellowship while enjoying meals, coffee & cake.

It is the aim of the ministry to assist women to grow in their Christian faith, to be healed and become free from past hurts. That of course has implications on their husbands, their children, families, friends and even the society. We warmly invite all women, who want to go deeper in their faith. Marie-Luise Frost - one of our longterm staff members - organises and leads this ministry together with a team.

Womens' Seminar

Content and Program

The Womens' Seminar is run twice a year in Hurlach. The seminar is held for one day starting around 9.00 am until 5.00 pm. Two teachings are held from the guest speaker. The Seminar always has extensive worship times, prayer, blessings and wonderful fellowship with good food, coffee and cake. Some of the subjects were:

  • Building relationships
  • A woman after God's heart
  • Knowing the fatherheart of God
  • Crisis as chances
  • A fullfilled life
  • ...


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