SDC - School of Digital Communication

The SCHOOL OF DIGITAL COMMUNICATION (SDC) is a course in the University of the Nations that exposes the student to different areas in communication and design available today.

The course focuses on Print, Web Design, Motion Graphics & Video production.
You will be able to take what is in your imagination and make it reality.

Upon completion, you will have a portfolio of your work and an understanding of the various tools and technical proficiency through multi-media. We believe in using digital and visual design as a Holy Spirit inspired tool to create and change lives in various domains of life.

It teaches a wide range of specific software programs like:

  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • InDesign for print
  • Premiere Pro and After Effects for video and motions graphic
  • Flash and Dream Weaver for web development

Cost: € 2200 (incl. room and board)

Application fee: € 50

Date: 27th September to 16th December 2017

Course language: English only

Click the link below to download the application for the SD, print it out and send it completed to the SD in Hurlach! For a complete application you also have to hand in 2 reference forms.
To apply, visit


Jugend mit einer Mission – Hurlach
Schlossgasse 1
86857 Hurlach
Deutschland / Germany


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