The DBS is for you if you…

  • long for a strong foundation in the Word of God and want to learn how to apply it.
  • have not read the whole Bible yet and would like to discover God’s story with mankind.
  • have read the Bible and realized that you have more questions than before.
  • have the desire to know God more and to make Him known.
What do you do in a DBS?

In the DBS, throughout 12 weeks, you will get an overview of God’s story with mankind. You will read through all 66 books of the Bible chronologically and learn more about the historical setting and genre of literature of each of the books. You will also learn to share about your faith and put into practice what you have studied. In this way, there is a continuation of the transformation that was started in the Discipleship Training School. You will be involved in lecture times, one-on-ones, small groups, as well as evangelism and mercy ministry times in the community.

Topics in the DBS generally follow through the books that you are chronologically studying. Although each book is studied to discover its original intent, you will also study topics. For example, you will look at Worldview and Origins as you study through Genesis, Exodus, and Job. Or you might learn about Leadership and Worship as you study the life of David in 1 & 2 Samuel, Chronicles, and the Psalms. During the study of Acts and Paul’s missionary journeys, you might study Cross-cultural Missions and the Cost of the Call. Each book is filled with insights to be discovered!


The next DBS starts on April 7th, 2019. –> APPLY NOW!


WEEK 1 Worldviews and Origins [April 10-12]: Genesis, Job, Exodus

WEEK 2 Pentateuch, Wilderness Wanderings [April 15-19]: Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Hebrews

WEEK 3 Tribes of Israel, Time of the Judges [April 22-26]: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Psalms

WEEK 4 King David, the United Kingdom [April 29 – May 3]: 1&2 Samuel, 1 Chronicles, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs

WEEK 5 The Kings of Judah and Israel [May 6-10]: 1&2 Kings, 2 Chronicles

WEEK 6 Early Prophets before the Exile [May 13-17]: Micah, Amos, Joel, Jonah, Nahum, Hosea, Isaiah

WEEK 7 Late Prophets, the Babylonian Exile [May 20-24]: Zephaniah, Habakkuk, Obadiah, Jeremiah, Lamentation, Ezekiel, Daniel

WEEK 8 Post-Exilic and Intertestamental Times, Fulfillment in Jesus [May 27-31]: Ezra, Nehemiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew

WEEK 9 Jesus in the Gospels, the Early Church [June 3-7]: Mark, Luke, Acts, James, 1 Peter

WEEK 10 Paul and the Spread of the Gospel [June 10-14]: Galatians, Philip., 1&2 Corinthians, Eph., Col., Philemon, Romans, 1&2 Thes., Titus, 1&2 Timothy

WEEK 11 John and the Fight against Heresies [June 17-19]: John, 1&2&3 John, 2 Peter, Jude, Revelation


Manuel Freischlad (GER)

Kamille & Benjamin Schmähl (USA/DE)

Mark Biedler (CAN)

Binu Alexander (IND)


DATES: The next DBS will run from April 7th until June 27th, 2019. Arrival day is April 6th (Saturday).
Costs (including room and board) are €1950, plus a one-time application fee of €60.

Course fees should be transferred to  JMEM Hurlach, IBAN: DE22520604100005330050, BIC: GENODEF1EK1, Bank: Ev. Kreditgenossenschaft Kassel. Please specify ‘Course fees DBS 743 [first+last name]’ in the transfer description. Alternativly, the fees can also be paid in cash or through Paypal or Transferwise. For details about these alternative payment methods, please contact us at dbs@jmem-hurlach.de.

All lectures will be bilingual, in both English and German

The base is situated in a small village in the south of Germany (Bavaria), in a former castle: Schloss Hurlach. Students live on-base with up to ten students in each dorm room. In addition to classes, studies and community times, each student will be involved in up to ten hours of practical work a week.

For UofN Students: The DBS is a registered course within the University of the Nations (UofN), YWAM’s international university. 12 credits are awarded for the completed course, as long as the student has previously completed a Discipleship Training School (DTS). The DBS fulfils the requirements of a UofN Bible core course.

Participation as Seminar Guests: Applicants without a completed DTS are welcome to participate in the DBS as seminar guests. This is possible for the entire duration of the course – in which case the seminar guests participate in the entire course program along with the UofN students and also pay the same course fees – or on a weekly or even daily basis. In this case we charge 25 €/day for lecture, lunch and reading group. Inquiries about joining the DBS as a seminar guest may be addressed to dbs@jmem-hurlach.de.

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“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more
than a college education.”Theodore Roosevelt (former president of the USA)