The SBS (School of Biblical Studies) is an exciting journey through the whole Bible. The students have the ability during the journey to take in information and learn how to independently study the Bible. The emphasis is looking intensively into each Bible book. Each book is read five times, interpreted in-depth and examined in its historical context. This is the program for the nine-month SBS, or one can do the Bible Core Course (BCC) for three months (emphasis NT and one book of each literature type in OT).

How can one get to know God and His will better except through His Word? Only he who is affected by God's Word is in the position to biblically affect society and the world.


The cost of SBS, including room and board, amounts to:

1600,- € per quarter

The application fee is 60,- €


Click the link below to download the application for the SBS, print it out and send it completed to the SBS in Hurlach! For a complete application you also have to hand in 2 reference forms.

SBS Application

SBS Reference Form

Both files can be opened and read with the Adobe Reader. If you do not have this program on your computer yet, you can download it on the Adobe website.

The nex SBS starts on September 24, 2017 and goes until Juni 30, 2018


Manuel Freischlad

Fogan Aholou

Mark Biedler

Irene Kornelsen


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