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Every day we are confronted with many needs in this world.
An earthquake in a foreign country or the beggar infront of our house.
We see shocking pictures in the newspapers...and turn the page to more entertaining news.

We walk around with bracelet WWJD (What would Jesus do?),but is this just a well-known slogan for us? Do we really ask: "What would Jesus do when he sees the poor and needy in this world?"
Do we ask ourselves: "What can we do?"

With Love @Work we want to respond to this question.


Love@Work is a new mercy ministry of Youth with a Mission in Hurlach.


We want to respond to the needs of people in Germany and all over the world by practically helping them (through outreaches in other countries, integration of refugees in Germany, etc.) and by training others to do this.


We are building a network of helpers who are willing to…

     PRAY- For our projects and for the poor and needy in Germany

                and the whole world 

     GO- Into the disaster areas, to the refugee camps, to the

            widows, orphans and foreigners – in Germany and


     GIVE- Financial or material support for our projects


Purpose Statement:
To meet practical, relational and spiritual needs of the poor and needy in Germany and the nations.

Mission Statement:
To be a network of people who demonstrate the love of God through acts of mercy.

Vision Statement:

  • Organizing short term outreaches in Germany and other countries to meet specific needs
  • Connecting foreigners (refugees, migrants etc.) with Christian individuals, families or communities to support them in their integration into the German society and culture.
  • Training and equipping others to serve the poor, the needy and the foreigners in the best possible way.


  • Out of a living relationship with Jesus Christ we want to serve the poor, needy and foreigners.
  • Through meeting practical needs we want to bring hope in the lives of people.
  • As staff members we want to meet people in openness, willingness, transparency and integrity. 


John Philip

Sokol Hoxha

Dan Waggoner

Leona Musa

Manuel Freischlad


Love @Work
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