Next Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Hurlach:

September 24, 2017 - March 23, 2018

Motto: Authentic Encounter - Love God, Love People, Love Life

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) lasts six months and helps you to get to know Jesus Christ better and to make him known. Learn about God's character, his love, his power, his reality - and how to bring this to the people.

Lecture Phase

For three months there will be teachers from all around the world to talk about the following topics:

  • The Fatherheart of God
  • Mission
  • Identity
  • The Bible
  • Evangelism
  • And a lot more...

Also during the lecture phase there will be outreaches in Germany where you can take part in. During the theoretical phase you will have the opportunity to get to know God better and experience discipleship practically.

Outreach Phase

The second part of the DTS is an evangelistic outreach somewhere around the world. In about nine weeks you will practice the things that you have learnt about God. With dramas, dances, personal witnesses and practical work you and your team will bring God's love and his gospel to the whole world. You will see and experience that God is doing something!

Testimonies from DTS alumnis about the DTS

"The DTS was one of the best times of my life. When I attended the school I´d been a Christian for a long time, but only then did I really understand what it means to be God´s daughter. It freed me to be and to become that for which Jesus saved me. And even when you have nothing to do with missions, it´s worth taking half a year to let God work on your life in a special way. You´ll be surprised what comes out of that time."
- Corina Dau, YWAM Amsterdam / Curacao
"They were the best 6 months of my life! And I am so grateful to God for this precious time! After receiving my highschool diploma I was very ignorant of my future and came to the DTS in Hurlach through "strange" circumstances. I got to know God all over again, like never before, and He changed my life. Sometimes it wasn't easy, especially allowing God to touch old wounds, but to experience healing, renewal in the end is simply indescribable!"
- Tabea von Kalden
"Even though the guidelines include an age limit at 30 years, I was allowed to do my DTS at age 35. And I felt neither out of place nor too old. Age plays no role in living with and later even for one another.
I want to encourage the reader to go their way with God no matter how old they are. Today, 3 years after my DTS, I´m on staff in Youth with a Mission Amsterdam and work on a project that is building a new base in Curacao in the Caribbean. Dreams - dreamed together with God - can become real if you know who God is and have the courage to profess it."
- Tobias Otto, YWAM Amsterdam / Curacao
"Right after getting my university degree in theology I took part in a Discipleship Training School with YWAM England. Looking back I can say even today: It was exactly the right thing for me! And today I know even better than back then why a DTS can be recommended to every Christian."
- Rolf-Dieter Braun, YWAM Hurlach
"The DTS was a great opportunity for me to look beyond the bounds of my church. But I gained a whole lot more. I got to experience how God called me through the DTS to touch me in a totally new way. I only realized here what "having a living relationship with Jesus" means. Through the example of the staff, their mentoring and through my fellow students from around the world I was richly blessed. God takes us how we are, but He doesn´t leave us like that. That motto describes my DTS experience. It was a time of learning and of (more) change towards becoming the person that God intended me to be. My wish for every Christian is to have such an intense time in a discipleship training school!"
- Barbara Seith, judicial officer, currently studying social casework


Barbara Müller

Anais Matutis

Ines Horn

Ezekiel Danliti

Aneesh Varghese


The cost for the Urban Mission DTS amounts to:

2000, - € for the lecture phase (including room and board)

2000, - € for outreach (incl. flights)

Important! Not included in the price: necessary vaccinations, visa fees and travel health insurance


You can download The DTS application. The PDF-file includes instructions for the application and the reference letters.

Application form and Recommendation letter PDF for printing, manual filling out and sending by post.pdf

Online-Applicationform PDF-form for digital filling and sending by E-Mail.pdf

Online-Recommendation letter PDF-form for digital filling and sending by E-Mail.pdf


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