Schule für Kommunikationsgrundlagen

SCF - Schule für Kommunikationsgrundlagen

Schule für Kommunikations-Grundlagen / School of Communication Foundations (SCF) In diesem dreimonatigen Kurs geht es darum: "Wie können wir unsere Message kreativ rüberbringen?"

Ort: JMEM-Schulungszentrum Schloss Hurlach

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SCF - School of Communication Foundations

The School of Communication Foundations purposes to lay essential foundations in biblical communication, while advancing the individual’s skill and confidence in speaking, writing, and listening. It aims to sharpen the student’s ability to communicate clearly through cross cultural and interpersonal dynamics, as well as to understand the principles of preparing and delivering a message to a variety of audiences. Through provoking instruction, discussion, practical assignments, and video evaluation, students learn to discover their place and potential as effective influencers in the public forum. This course is a principle stepping stone for further UofN coursework.

Why should you take this school?
The SCF is for everyone who has a desire and passion to communicate Christ in relevant ways to a modern generation. The purpose of this school is to provide a biblical view of communication and to teach speaking and writing skills for personal growth and ministry success. We will investigate the communication process and explore a variety of written and verbal strategies to become effective communicators. 

What can you gain personally?
You will discover God’s perspective of communication by looking at different communication models. Through teaching on biblical worldview, you will be challenged to review why you believe what you believe. With the international student body, cross-cultural communication principles are learned and applied daily, and you will have the opportunity to seek to gain a new and deeper understanding of God’s heart for the nations. Your personal communication style will also be developed in creative ways. You will enhance interpersonal insight for clearer relational communication through the areas of non-verbal communication, active listening, gender-based and family communication. Methods will be used to identify your motivational, personal style of relating. 

Which skills will you learn? 
Public speaking in different contexts is taught and applied throughout the whole school. You can grow in speaking skills by delivering effective verbal and creative presentations to live audiences via oral reports, question and answer sessions, introductions, as well as lead the class into new discoveries about God and the world. Writing is another main emphasis of this course. You can gain writing skills by applying new study skills and research techniques. You will produce a college level written research paper, write book reviews and have opportunities to develop your writing skills, in meaningful and authentic ways. 

How will this all happen? 
The course objectives will be met through the integration of information, processing and application. The 12 weeks of learning include; lectures, group discussions, videos, video evaluations, reading and written assignments, group and individual projects, role play, creative workshops and public presentations. There is continuous interaction among people of different ages, cultures, gender, personal and professional backgrounds. International qualified teachers in communication will teach throughout the 12 weeks. The school leader and staff are committed in coming alongside each individual, to enhance growth, both on a personal and academic basis.

Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.

Rollo May

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